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2009 Transcontinental Convoy


About two years ago it was announced that the MVPA (Military Vehicle Preservation Association) was planning a Transcontinental Convoy that would retrace the route that the U.S. Army traveled in 1919 by way of the Lincoln Highway from zero mile marker in Washington D.C. to San Francisco, CA. The group made the journey with 81 new vehicles. The Army convoy set out to achieve five goals: evaluate the difficulties in mobilizing and sending troops from the east coast to the west coast of the United States, test the various vehicles performances over different terrain, demonstrate the need for good roads, recruit new members into the motor transport corps, and demonstrate to the American people the importance of motor vehicles in winning wars.

Ninety years later the 2009 MVPA Transcontinental Convoy would attempt to retrace this historic journey with much improved roads, but older vehicles. The 2009 convoy set out to achieve its own set of goals: honor those brave men who took this historic journey 90 years before us, test the performance of our older military vehicles, to recruit new members to join the MVPA, show the importance of preserving history, and to say thank you to our Veterans.

As enthused military historians, Mike and I thought we should participate in the convoy. Our sideline mission for the past two years has been to restore our M1010 ambulance and take part in the convoy. Our restoration consisted of: new brakes, tires, radiator, heater, exhaust, hoses, belts, batteries and of course fresh paint. The hardest part we encountered was finding flat red paint for the Geneva Convention crosses; we ended up concocting our own home brew of Regal Red Rustoleum and 8 ounces of baby powder! The crosses were the final piece of the restoration and were completed only a week before the convoy.

Our journey began at mile marker zero in front of the White House. The convoy vehicles lined Constitution Avenue and a ceremony was held near the zero mile marker. General Anderson and Capt. Johns and the President of the Lincoln Highway, Bob Dieterich were there to express their appreciation and best wishes for our safe journey. General Anderson taught us the power of the word HOOAH!, which I think is the only thing that helped propel the three-quarter ton Dodges over the Pennsylvania mountains.

Convoy on Constitution Ave

Convoy Cat at zero mile marker

Mike and Gerneral Anderson


Flight 93 memorial

HMMWV in the PA Mts.

5 Ton in Covered Bridge

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