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A Guam Garand, the Photo Essay

By Michael Popernack


Author's note: This is a photo supplement to the Winter 2006 GCA Journal article.



  Rifle Overall Right Side View

  Receiver Heel

  Receiver Three-Quarters View

  Receiver Left

  Trigger Group Bottom

  Bullet Tip Dings

  Front Sight Seal

  Highly Figured Front Handguard

  Proof P

  Lockbar Sight

  Barrel Date Closeup

  Lower Band

  Receiver Right

  Receiver Bottom

  Trigger Group Left Side

  Muzzle Closeup

  Black Paint on Op Rod

  Butt Trap

  Cleaning Kit

If you would like to learn more about the M1 Garand Rifle you should become a member of the Garand Collectors Association. For more information on this great organization visit www.thegca.org

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