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Fulton Armory
Top quality gunsmithing for U.S. Martial Arms and match rifles.

Scott Duff
Top quality martial arms specializing in M1 Garands.

McPheeters Antique Militaria
Specializing in Indian War and cavalry accoutrements.

Trapdoor Rifle Information Center
Outstanding site specializing in Trapdoor rifles and Indian War accoutrements.

Nicolaus Associates
Diagrams, technical and field manuals, posters, and blueprints of U.S. martial arms.

Imperial Japanese Grenade Launchers
Excellent reference on WWII Japanese rifle grenades and launchers.

Garand Collectors Association
Devoted to the study of the M1 rifle.

Military Research Associates
Military records from the Civil War through Vietnam

Maryland Arms Collectors Association
The "Crown Jewel" of Collectors’ Shows



NEW:  M1 Garand Bayonets

During the M1 Garand’s long service life, a wide variety of bayonets were issued. This article was originally published in the Fall 2009 Garand Collectors Association Journal and is a brief survey of the most representative types of bayonets and scabbards used with the M1 Rifle.

  * You will need the free Adobe Reader to view the article in the link above.


2009 Transcontinental Convoy

In the summer of 2009 the Military Vehicle Preservation Association sponsored a re-enactment of the 1919 Transcontinental Motor Convoy. We followed the original Lincoln Highway route from Washington, D.C. to San Francisco, CA.


An Iwo Jima KIA, Gone But Not Forgotten

The story of George Popernack, who was KIA at Iwo Jima.


MACA Baltimore Gun Show

A photo-review of the annual Maryland Arms Collectors Association show.


The Kerr Standard Extension Gun Sling

Directions for assembling and adjusting the Kerr sling on the M1917 rifle.


A Guam Garand, the Photo Essay

Many of you have read the Winter 2006 GCA Journal article examining this rifle documented to the battle of Guam. Because of space limitations, many photographs had to be omitted from the article. As a service to the collecting community we are presenting them here for study.

  * You will need the free Adobe Reader to view the GCA article in the link above.


M1s Against Tanks: Antitank Rifle Grenades and Launchers

Collectors often overlook the use of the M1 rifle as a grenade-launching platform. However, the use of service rifles to fire grenades was a major part of U.S. military doctrine from WWI through the Cold War. Throughout this time the U.S. employed a large variety of anti-tank, anti personnel and signaling grenades. This article will examine the various anti-tank grenades and accessories used on the Garand.


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